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The Diamond Market, LLC

Miami * Hong Kong * San Francisco * Tel Aviv

Company CEO Adam Lowe began his odyssey in the highly discreet, international world of hard-assets, including rare antique auctions, as a teenager, working through family contacts, learning the complex of rarities and their buyers’ individual needs, first-hand.


He has since built a world-wide network of more than 220 fancy-color diamond distributors, many of whom specialize in all sectors of financial services including life/annuity insurance specialists, trust and family attorneys, prominent real estate and securities brokers, and those like himself who began in the trenches of one of the most exotic occupations on earth.

Based in the Greater Miami area in Hollywood, Florida, The Diamond Market recently opened opportunities to diverse professionals, helping them satisfy their clients’ needs for alternative ways to acquire wealth-preserving assets without participating in markets, real estate and other environments. His love for fancy-color diamonds has taken CEO Adam Lowe world-wide to establish principal offices in Hong Kong, Tel Aviv and San Francisco.


In the highly charged world of diamond trading, office locations are administrative centers while actual showrooms are constantly on the move. “We never keep products in our visible office locations, for obvious reasons. When you might have to carry a million-dollar diamond in your shirt-pocket to a showing, you don’t want showroom locations known – sometimes they change by the hour,” Lowe says.

Extraordinarily Rare ‘Red Diamond’ Purchase an International Event

The following marks a one-of-a-kind event typically per decade in the gem-world. Most gem experts have never seen one, including legendary diamond trader Harry Winston*


Only one red diamond appears in nature per an estimated several million “colorless” diamonds. The sale of an exceedingly rare red diamond has successfully closed, marking one in only 20 red diamonds certified in the history of the non-profit Gemology Institute of America. The red diamond just sold through Miami-based ‘The Diamond Market’ is of extraordinary clarity for this ultra-rare gem-world specimen. A .95-carat red diamond sold in 1987 for upwards of $879,000 with visible flaws and inclusions. The DM specimen is one of the cleanest ever recorded.

The growing trend toward estate acquisition of ‘hard assets’ including Fancy-Color Diamonds and collectable cars reflects a shift toward “touchable, portable” items with fairly uniform cash value world-wide. Current and former insurance agents, real estate brokers and financial planners are rapidly entering the “Fancy-Color Diamond’ world.

Extremely Rare ‘Red Diamond’ Goes to Private Collector

Appearance of Red Diamond in Nature is World Event for Gemologists

Miami, FL – How rare are they? Very rare yellow “fancy-color diamonds” occur only once in nature per 10,000 colorless/white diamonds – a blue diamond more like 400,000 to 1.


The occurrence of a rare “red” diamond is estimated to be a several million-to-one rarity – so rare only 20 natural, fancy-color red diamonds have reportedly been certified in the history of the non-profit Gemology Institute of America, the world’s leader in scientific gem analysis.

Announcing the historic discovery and sale of an especially rare red diamond, Miami-based “fancy-color” diamond dealer The Diamond Market said its red diamond – with a VVS2 clarity rating, astounding for any red diamond – went to an international collector for an undisclosed sum. The ultra-rare red diamond has historically commanded more than $1 million per carat, flaws and all. Acquisitions are so uncommon a red-diamond pricing standard is difficult to establish – hence the term “priceless,” according to renowned gem expert Stephen Hofer.”

Diamond-Industry Grading vs. Fancy-color Diamonds

From mall outlets to exclusive jewelry boutiques, “white diamonds,” otherwise known as “colorless diamonds,” comprise the vast majority of the retail market and are fundamentally graded as follows: White/colorless diamonds are considered either flawed, flawless or internally flawless, the difference being the ability to see flaws at various levels of magnification.


Absolutely flawless, natural white/colorless diamonds are uncommon in the colorless market and priced accordingly.
Brightness scale aside (designated alphabetically), most white/colorless diamonds fall within the grading categories below:

  • IF: Internally flawless, no internal inclusions
  • VVS:‘Very, Very Slight’ flaw is difficult to see even with 10X magnification
  • VVS1:‘Very Very Slight 1,’ only one slight flaw, difficult to see
  • VVS2:‘Very Very Slight 2’ two very-very slight flaws, difficult to see.
  • VS1: ‘Very Slight 1,’ slight flaw but visible under 10X magnification
  • VS2: ‘Very Slight 2,’ two slight flaws but visibleunder 10X magnification
  • SI: ‘Slightly Included’means easily seenunder 10X magnification, not always to naked eye.
  • SI-1: ‘Slightly Included 1’ has a visible bubble or “feather”
  • SI-2: “Slightly Included 2’ shows two easily seen bubbles/feathers
  • SI-3: “Slightly Included 3’ is, according Diamond Market CEO Adam Lowe, “Like seeing a little miner in the stone digging coal because the stone is peppered with black spots.


Most retail outlets try to offer between VS and SI-quality colorless/white diamonds.

FANCY-COLOR STONES:Forget all of the above. Fancy-color Diamonds are so rare they must be analyzed, graded and certified individually by gemologists like the renowned Stephen C. Hofer.


Inclusions may be seen in a priceless Fancy-color Orange Diamond, for example, but if the diamond is certified orange, clarity has little meaning over hue; it is one of the most uncommon diamonds on earth.Pink, red, and other colors were born millions of years ago in the most hostile environment possible, so they are rarely clean, normally falling into the SI1/SI-2 category. Yellow Diamonds are more commonly near flawless to internally flawless, but yellow diamonds are more common among Fancy-color Diamonds.


The red diamond recently sold by The Diamond market received VVS2 clarity rating, nearly unheard of in the “red” fancy-color diamond world.

  • Phone
    (877)432-6291 Outside U.S. (954)642-2835

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