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prolfile-image-2Historically, fancy color diamonds were limited to an elite few — only those who had wealth and access to fancy diamond dealers had the opportunity to own these extremely rare treasures.  Now, because of the value, access, and selection provided by The Diamond Market, owning a fancy color diamond is an option available to everyone.


Fancy color diamonds have proven themselves to be a top performing asset class for over 40 years. These rare gems have often retained their value in today’s volatile global economy.


Endorsement by Wayne Allyn Root

Former U.S. Vice-Presidential Candidate


To purchase a fancy color diamond is often synonymous with protecting your wealth and securing your financial legacy.  Its intrinsic value, which has steadily increased, is not often subjected to a ‘paper promise’ fraught with depreciation and the unscrupulous actions of others. The fancy color diamond market is a billion dollar worldwide buy/sell market governed mainly on the laws of supply and demand.

Furthermore, as the worlds most concentrated form of wealth, fancy color diamonds offer unsurpassed portability, privacy, and flexibility.  To a world where privacy is a luxury and securing your wealth in hard assets is a necessity, The Diamond Market provides you with both the means to financial privacy and ability to own hard assets. Foremost, The Diamond Market allows you the opportunity to purchase the rarest, most beautiful, most desired, and most revered object in the world — a natural rare fancy color diamond!

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